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Welcome to White Dog Gallery!

We have a great selection of local art right here for you to view and purchase via our online shop.

Design-led gifts sold in our gallery

We also have displayed a selection of our lovely design-led gifts. We like to work with small independent artisans and producers to give you unique and specially crafted items. Quite often, these items sell out fast which is why we don’t sell them online - we don’t want to disappoint. However, a quick call to our gallery to enquire if an item is in stock is all it takes and we can reserve it for you for an in store collection or post it to you.

Professional and beginner art supplies

Our fully stocked art shop has pretty much everything for the professional artist through to the beginner! Again, as above, please contact the gallery regarding any art supply purchase.

Finally feel free to contact our friendly team with any enquiry you may have, and we’ll do our best to help you.

The White Dog Gallery Team

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