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Framing Materials

and Technology

  • 500 Mouldings
  • 170 Mount board colours
  • Various glass choices and alternatives
  • Latest framing technology!
picture framing



Working in partnership with the country’s leading framing suppliers, we have a range of over 500 mouldings (frames) to choose from. All our frames are wooden and the choices range from plain wood, silver, gold, black, white, brown through to bright eye popping colours! Within each colour palette we have numerous style and sizes available.
Our framing suppliers have more than 5000 different types of frames to choose from. So, if our immediate range doesn’t give you enough choice, we can provide more samples for you to select from.

picture Framing
acid free mounts



Our range of mount board is, naturally, acid-free and we have 170 different colours. Mounts are important as they work as a barrier between artwork and glass, so your artwork is not exposed to any moisture produced by the glass. All mounts and tapes we use are acid free so no harmful materials will migrate onto your art. With our computerised mount cutting equipment, we can cut any size or shape of mount with perfect precision. If budget and time constraints apply to you, then our large stock of ready-made frames is always available. Again, working with one of the biggest companies of factory produced frames, we offer a great selection of quality ready-made wooden frames – all sizes, all colours.



We offer a wide range of glazing products as it’s one of the most important aspects of framing. Glass acts as a window between you and your framed artwork. Therefore it is important to consider clarity and UV protection from both the sun and indoor lighting. There is a choice between regular glass, non-reflective glass and Water White (almost invisible) glass. All types are also available with UV protection to prevent fading. We also offer high quality cast acrylic which is light, strong and durable.

UV and Water White glass options
White Dog Gallery Mount Cutting computerised machine


We feel it’s very important to keep abreast of the latest technology and latest equipment for the picture framing industry.
Our computerised mount cutting equipment sets us apart from our competitors allowing us to cut any size with the utmost precision. And our hi-tech cutting and pinning machines work with astounding speed and accuracy – an important detail when making a bespoke frame for you.
Investing in new equipment means we can produce frames more efficiently, saving time and money. We can then pass on these savings to you and offer excellent value for money.

Behind the Scenes at White Dog Gallery

Showcasing the use of our electronic mount cutter and fine art printer – creating our White Dog Gallery logo.

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