Printing Information

Our Fine Art Printing Service is Giclée printing, a high quality, cost effect way of printing. We can print up to 44” wide enabling us to accommodate large, as well as small, artwork. Giclée printing is the finest type of printing available today in terms of quality and reproduction. It is also by far and away the best in terms of budgeting as printing just one print is still relatively cheap.

So maybe you have something for printing that is just a one-off or maybe you’re an artist wishing to sell prints along with your original work. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help and advise you – so we’ve made the whole process as flexible as possible! Below is a brief synopsis of our service and how it works, however, please feel free to get in touch if you need more information. We look forward to working with you soon.

Original Artwork

We’ll scan your artwork, ensuring an exact colour match. We then provide you with a strip test and proof for your approval. Once approved, we can start printing. Your image will be held indefinitely for you on our system. We also provide you with a digital copy.

Digital artwork

We can receive a digital file of your artwork ready for printing (so something that has already been scanned or a photograph). However, please bear in mind we can only print the file provided by you and are unable to make any changes or modifications such as colour matching.

Printing Mediums

We have a wide range of printing mediums including canvas, find out more here.

Single prints

We have large and small rolls of paper and canvas medium so we can make single prints relatively cost effective.

Multiple prints

It’s all about the wastage! So we work together to offer you the most economical way of printing with the least amount of wastage. Which may mean tweaking the size of your artwork to ensure we get the maximum number of prints in a run. This ultimately means your price per print is as low as it can be.
However, we can also print at any size you wish, again bearing in mind the most economical number of prints in a run. You’ll also need to think about limited edition versus open edition prints. But don’t worry, we’ll advise on that too.
Once you’re all set up, you don’t need to order vast quantities of each run, print on demand instead. Basically we suggest waiting to see what the demand is – you may find some sizes or images prove more popular than others.


Most of our customers decide to have each print mounted as it not only protects the image but gives a more professional finish. We can help with this too – and again advise on the most cost effective way of ordering mounts.

Standard Sizes

Over the years, we’ve found standard sizes of prints and mounted prints sell better. This is because it gives the end customer the option of buying an off-the-peg frame or having a bespoke frame made.


We also provide cello bags for the artwork and, if you’re producing limited edition prints, we can provide certificates for each print too.
This is a snapshot of the service we offer. Please feel free to call or come in for a chat to discuss your own requirements.

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