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Julia Pankhurst

Art was an obvious path for Julia right from a young age and after Art school she spent days drawing portraits on high streets. However, lacking direction at that point in her young life, art took a back seat until 2010 when Julia started to paint her first maritime/seascape painting which she finished in January 2011. ‘All Quiet at Twilight‘ (HMS Ark Royal) was shown to the Captain and then she was invited to show it at the ships last open weekend in Portsmouth before the decommissioning. A second painting of HMS Ark Royal followed ‘Farewell Ark Royal‘ and this was unveiled at the decommissioning in March 2011.


Julia’s portfolio of work is now huge and diverse and although her primary passion is still to paint the ever changing mood of the sea, she equally competent at painting more light-hearted subjects such as her series of cows.

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