Rachel Stockham

Rachel was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire and, inspired by her mother who painted watercolour miniatures, she began painting from an early age. Her early influences saw her study general art and design at Southampton Art College and then progress on to Winchester School of Art, where she was awarded a BA Hons degree in Fine Art in 1997. Whilst at college she experimented with a range of art media, including installation, but returned to the more traditional art of painting and drawing, which she found more satisfying. Rachel has studied the work of other artists, such as Shirley Trevena and Anne Blockley who both use watercolour in innovative ways. Finding watercolour gave her more freedom of expression, it is now Rachel’s preferred medium. Although in the past she has experimented with oils, acrylics and other mediums, she enjoys the less predictable nature of watercolours and the effects that can be achieved. A love of nature, animals and specifically cats are what really inspire Rachel with her main aim to capture the character of the cat, rather than a photographic representation. She is captivated by their elegant form and unique qualities. Rachel now lives in the Southsea area.

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